Buddy Walk Coffee – Internet Sales

One of the best ways to take advantage of Buddy Walk Coffee as a fundraiser is to encourage interested members and fans of your local organization to purchase online.  I will help you get set up with a link to put on your website as well as a group (or coupon) code for your members to use if they navigate to the Furnace Hills Coffee website directly.  Please email me Suzanne@furnacehillscoffee.com if you have any questions about how this works.

Here’s what one of the Furnace Hills Coffee promotional efforts for Buddy Walk Coffee looks like on Facebook.

Furnace Hills Coffee - Internet Explorer_2015-08-27_10-10-03

Furnace Hills Coffee uses social media to promote sales of Buddy Walk Coffee on a regular basis and was pleased to send its first donation check to the National Buddy Walk this summer!  My goal is to assist you with online promotions that will benefit your organization.

Similar to bulk coffee sales, each pound of coffee sold online will generate $6 for your local organization.  Furnace Hills Coffee will be running a free shipping promotion in October – National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!  This is a great time to launch an online promotion to your local supporters.  Sales that can be tracked to your organization (via your website or your group code) will generate a donation check from Furnace Hills Coffee at the end of the Buddy Walk Season.

Happy Buddy Walk Season!




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