Introducing Buddy Walk Coffee News!

My name is Suzanne McIntosh and I have raised three daughters in Northern Virginia with my husband, Steve.  Our youngest, Jenny is 16 years old and has Down syndrome.  Like other parents, when Jenny was born, it opened up a whole new world for us.  I remember other, more experienced parents telling me I would develop ‘DS radar.’  At first, I thought the radar was my new ability to spot people with DS in the community – even from a distance.  It really is much more than that.  My DS radar picks up the special smile my daughter brings out in certain strangers who ‘get it.’  I immediately know without exchanging words that this stranger has also been welcomed into the special world my husband and I walked into 16 years ago.  Loving someone with Down syndrome gives you access to a world of people with radar who get it.  What is your best DS radar story?

Four years ago, I learned that a woman with Down syndrome was a specialty coffee roaster in Westminster, Maryland (our neighboring state!).  I quickly got online and made my first specialty coffee purchase through the website her dad created for her (  These days, I happily call Erin and Dave Baldwin, chief roaster and proprietor, respectively, my coworkers and friends  Here’s a picture of Erin at work in the roasterie on Main Street in Westminster.

.  Action Erin

Last year, I worked with the National Buddy Walk Director and Furnace Hills Coffee to create a special Buddy Walk Coffee brand.  This exciting partnership is a creative fundraising opportunity for local Down syndrome groups.  The quality of this particular coffee blend (both regular and decaf) and the stunningly beautiful Buddy Walk packaging provides supporters a clear example of the accomplishments and contributions people with Down syndrome have made in their families and communities.


Today, I introduce Buddy Walk Coffee News as a resource for local walks. Here, you will be able to learn about Buddy Walk Coffee, share and discuss fundraising ideas to help maximize your local organization’s sales and get the customer support you need. Furnace Hills Coffee loves bringing great coffee to our Buddy Walk partners and are excited to provide an innovative fundraising option to local Down syndrome organizations!

Do you have a good DS radar story?  Are you a coffee lover?  I would love to hear from you!  See you at a Buddy Walk near you.



Furnace Hills Coffee


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